Mexico became the US biggest trading partner in 2023

Mexico Comic

What is amazing is that China seemed to have momentum until they started supporting Russia/making poor decisions in the last decade and then companies decided to leave.

Previously it had been in 2003 that Mexico was the largest trading partner. I visited Mexico and saw many US companies manufacturing there. It was remarkable how many cars and other equipment were built with cheaper Mexican labor. I liked this since it would give their economy something more solid to invest in and hopefully transition away from the heavy influence that cartels and drug trade have on Mexico.

Mexico Comic
Mexico comic

Mexico is an incredibly beautiful country. Many countries are beautiful but combined with the low cost of living, it seems like a great place to live once crime is taken care of. If I had to pick one country to live in it would be the Philippines or Denmark. They both have really beautiful places to live and a wonderful culture. I must also admit that I admire Japanese culture, but it is the same in many ways as Amish culture to me. Many positive qualities, and some dark and twisted things as well. I don’t think I could stomach that mix.

As people become more westernized I feel that we lose something special in the world. I like that other countries have values that the US does not. I like that Mexicans/Filipinos place a big emphasis on family and live with their older family members. I like that other cultures can teach us many aspects that the US misses because of our hyper-individualistic culture. There needs to be a balance in life, and the US misses community and meaning in a big way.

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I hope that along with Mexican goods, we can import some Mexican values. I know the US would be happier for that.