Something in, something out

hoarding comic

I have a rule in my life. When I buy something, then something leaves the apartment.

I grew up with everyone I know holding on to useless crap they will never use. It was ridiculous. People would hold onto things from decades ago, things only gathering dust in the attic/basement. I argued with people about throwing things away or donating them to people who could use them with local charities. Since I visited charities I even offered to drop them off for them, but they said no.

People who don’t donate always seem very selfish to me. Out of an abundance they have, they have so much they don’t even use. Yet poor people would be glad to have their things and they still hold onto them. Why?

I am writing this because I realized that I have ties I am not going to wear again. I am not doing the office dress-up thing again, so I haven’t worn them in 3 years and things won’t change in the future. I am donating them because many people don’t have good ties that can make a good impression on a job interview, and for other important events in their life. I am glad to be part of that benefitting others and consider it a privilege to do so. This is not to glorify me, but rather to give an example of how what is useless to us can be so helpful to someone else.

When something goes out it makes me realize how much of things that I just forget about. We can have a blind eye towards all the possessions that we have, and forget what we have. When I come across something that I forgot that I had, I say to myself “It’s time to donate this or find a friend who can use it.”

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I don’t value possessions I value experiences. Why spend the time and energy taking care of stuff? Why?