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Are you a Ken in your Barbies world?

barbie comic

I shared earlier how I used to play Barbie with my neighbor. I bet I wasn’t the only guy who did this.

What about all the other men who used to be Ken? Why the silence now? Just because we played the role of being friend-zoned in a game, doesn’t mean that is how we grew up to act.

Barbie was all about her world. Ken was just another handbag. A fashion accessory is no more important than anything else. Without more than friendship, the dynamics of power got strange. More of a reflection of what white men in power thought women would like. Isn’t it weird that most of Mattel’s board are men? Why aren’t women writing this story?

In the past men treated women worse than Ferengi. Ferengi didn’t believe in women’s rights and kept the women jobless and home naked. If we had not been founded by Puritans we would have had the same. Why can I say that we treated them worse? Ferengi doesn’t believe in violence and doesn’t kill and abuse women like men have in the past. They are guilty but not as guilty as human men are.

Barbie said that women could do whatever they wanted and it was their world. Yes, it is a woman’s world as long as they follow men’s rules. Gender ideas and wars are stupid. We are all individuals and the most helpful way to treat each other is that way. Waging political war on half of the human population is just dumb and a waste of time.

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As Ken, we didn’t have any part in the Barbie world decisions. You are just along for the ride. This is part of why I found playing Barbie so boring. When there is no opposition, doing things your way is no fun.

Now do men have to dominate, be in control, and be the man all the time? No. We can also be submissive, see women as mentors/leaders, and have strong women help us. Being flexible and open-minded in life has led to the greatest happiness I have ever had.

To paraphrase that old song “Let’s hear for the Kens, you know you gotta understand.”