Please don’t waste anyone’s time

job skills comic

If you can remember, please don’t waste anyone’s time.

Anyone who does something and doesn’t regard another person’s time as valuable is a jerk. Time is all we have in the world. Someone stealing your time is worse than stealing your money.

As a candidate in the hiring process, some companies choose to hide that they only hire from certain states at the END of their questionnaire when submitting on LinkedIn. Why hide this? Other companies are transparent and state that they can only hire from certain states at the top of the remote position.

job skills comic
job skills comic

Now let’s discuss this from the other side. As a hiring manager/recruiter/HR you no doubt have people lie to you about their qualifications. That is wrong as well. It is just as wrong to apply for jobs that you have no possible chance of doing. This isn’t a question of whether you can grow on the job. This is a case where you know you can’t do the job, and apply anyway. Why waste everyone’s time doing this?

Another waste of time I see frequently on LinkedIn is someone bragging about themselves. We are tired of hearing vain, narcissistic performative rants. Don’t talk about what you want to do in life, do it and show us. We don’t need more theory, we need to see more practice.


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