People who have power never want to release it

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People who have power never want to release it. It has always been this way.

What we see often in the world is the powerful looking for a way to keep their power. It is obvious the abuse of the law, process, and dishonesty that occur. This isn’t limited to one political party. All parties have people who crave power more than serving their electors.

People fundamentally are selfish. They only want what is best for them. If we give people only what they want, they will clearly destroy themselves and others. We see this in billionaires’ behavior that is erratic and destroys both companies and the lives of their employees.

The more that people seek to retain their power, the more people will act against it. Companies have been complaining about productivity slowing down after Covid/Return to the office for many. Now with the mass layoffs, the stakes are even higher. Employees will do even less. Why? Since they figure there is no loyalty, why should they work hard to enrich someone who doesn’t care about their well-being?

This is leading to even more hate and division in the US culture. The haves and the have-nots, are more opposed to each other than ever.  I always thought a civil war would happen in my lifetime. I thought it would be about race, but now I am thinking it will be about economics. People are struggling to afford to put food on their table, and when enough people are angry that is not good for society.

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The more the haves punish the have-nots, the quicker their end will be. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but it is clear that our current form of capitalism is not going to last.