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I was once asked in an application form to prove my High School GPA to get the job. I was like what are they talking about?

What someone gets in high school is one of the worst guides to evaluating human ability. Does this mean that people who grew up in impoverished areas or who had challenging childhoods are less capable adults? I find this a disgusting thought. How broken is our hiring system when a company wants you to prove your high school GPA?

My answer probably disqualified me from the job but that is ok. I did some research on Glassdoor and apparently, they are an awful company to work for. Management micromanages and threatens their employees. They are completely lacking in any kind of leadership/emotional intelligence. How sad for their poor lives that they cannot be human.

So what did I answer? I answered with another kind of qualification of my ability. One that wasn’t based on my GPA. It’s ok if they don’t believe me. I don’t need to prove it to them. I don’t want the job right now after reading what they did on Glassdoor, and I should have not applied before doing my research on the company. That was my mistake there.

If you go through a job application and it is something that you have never been asked before, it’s probably a sign they are a toxic company. A regular company wouldn’t care about your high school GPA. I have had 3 companies now that ask for that and when I hear that, that is a blocker and a red flag for me. I once had a company ask me to take a test and tell me that they only hire the best. I passed the test and didn’t want to work for that company. It was a ridiculous test that had no bearing on my ability to do the job. I responded to the recruiter that I was not interested anymore and that their test discriminates against those who are neurodivergent.

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Companies don’t care about this kind of feedback and that is fine. They will go out of business when they don’t appeal to people who are neurodivergent, or who have GPAs less than they think are acceptable.