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Pants lost, pants gained

Pants Comic
Pants Comic
pants comic

What do I mean pants lost, pants gained? It is a summary of what I have been dealing with for the last two weeks.

The short story is some pants that I ordered never arrived. Contacting the vendor, and then the third-party seller was painful. They made me want to jump through hoops for a cheap purchase. The pants were $35 shipped. Today I looked at the tracking number and it appears they have sent a new pair of pants from another warehouse.

Now this is interesting to me. When I talked to the third party yesterday they said they were going to refund my money if I called them back tomorrow/which is today and which is the reason that I checked. I told them that I wanted a refund and if that package arrived then I would refuse it and send it back to them. I am not trying to scam a company, just show them that I don’t want their product anymore. The customer support rep said today she would check to see if there was an update and if there was, not refund the money.

It is the first time that I have bought this brand and the last time. I spent more than an hour with the original vendor, waiting on hold, and transferred to a third party only to be told I had to call back the next day. It just wasn’t worth it. I have had many problems with the original vendor and while they sometimes come through, often they mess up and they mess up more than any other company I have had to deal with. Other companies for the most part do what they claim to do.

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So if I get the pants I am happy but I will still have to call them and tell them that I received them and tell them that all of this BS wasn’t worth it to me. If a company isn’t reliable on your first experience, I don’t know why I give companies a second chance.