Costco same-day grocery is winning me over

Costco Comic

I just received a Costco same-day grocery order in NYC. They are slowly winning me over.

Yesterday I put in the order but didn’t expect delivery and it said on the webpage it would be delivered today. Great. It arrived and everything is just as I had hoped. This is my second order from them and the produce so far is 100%. That is better than any other vendor I have tried so far. I also like the interesting boxed items. I got 3 different kinds of frozen vegetable Samoas today in one box and just cooking the peas and potatoes one now. I am sure it will be delicious.

Costco Comic
costco comic

Why am I sharing this? I have tried many food delivery services in NYC with mixed results. First I had the most experience with Amazon/Whole Foods. The problem with that was the prices were high and always getting higher. I just couldn’t see the value in that anymore. Then I tried Instacart and various local stores but those were poor quality and experience. I tried Imperfect Foods which I like but I have put that on pause while I explore Costco.

Out of all of the grocery stores that I have visited in NYC I like Fairway and Wegmans the best. I used to shop at Fairway and bring the groceries home but that was too far to continue to do that. I like that Wegmans has a new store in Manhattan and I hope that they expand to other places as well. I have also tried Aldi which I used to love in Chicago but for some reason, the quality seems poorer in NYC. Target is a mixed bag. I like that they have some items that Costco doesn’t have, but they have inventory control issues. Often you order something and it appears available, but then your shopper says it is out of stock. That happens far too often with Target. It is really frustrating.

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If I had to choose just one store that delivers I guess I would say Costco then Target. However, if Fairway/Wegmans delivered I would choose them first. Both of FW have a variety and volume that Costco/Target can’t match on grocery items. I like that you can get other things from Costco/Target but those items aren’t enough to keep me there to buy groceries every week. I really love exploring different food products and part of the reason I try different stores is that I love certain products that only those stores carry. It was certain products that I loved that kept me at Amazon/Whole Foods when I should have left. I still miss certain products but as I get wiser I become less attached to certain foods and more willing to let go of processed foods and embrace more raw foods.

I don’t know what is right for you, but for me, Costco is clearly better than Target for food selection. I think it is going to be my primary grocery shopping place.