Lots of things are more important than winning

groundhog day

Lots of things are more important than winning. Cooperation for one.

One of the games I like to play is called Strike Force. It’s a Marvel game and you get to upgrade Marvel characters and then compete against the computer and other players. You are also allowed to be on a team which can help you progress faster.

The team I am on has helped me progress faster and one of the things that we do is cooperate on certain missions. The team captain and I work together on the mission and sometimes she wins in battles that I am not good at. Sometimes I win in battles she is not good at. We both have individual battles and battles either of us can do depending on our progress. Yesterday I asked her if she wanted to win the boss because I think I won it last time. I went to bed because it was late and I didn’t care.

I found out this morning that she thanked me but she lost the battle. Ultimately it didn’t matter but I still showed the courtesy of being fair about winning. The rewards of winning are inconsequential. It is more important to cooperate and show teamwork than to gather resources that I don’t need.

In life, many people try to win at all costs. I don’t understand that mentality. I have worked with rich people who have “won” and whose lives are miserable. They are afraid of losing their money, their critical thinking sucks, and scientific studies show they have less empathy and compassion. If winning turns me into that, I’d rather be a loser.

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