TV’s as cheap light sources?

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I had an insight just now that may change my thinking about buying stand alone LED lights.

Remember how I shared that the TV I just bought said it only costs $23 a year to use? At that price, it is the cheapest light source I have found that could be recharged by solar panels. I had been using the LED lights in the first link and others and those cost roughly $50 per unit. However, you can get lots of light from them. My favorites currently have 10k lumen and that works very well.

Since having this new TV, however, it is so bright I haven’t needed my LED light in the evening. The screen has been bright enough to light up my small office and the LED light hasn’t been used. Just for kicks, I turned it on last night and the room was incredibly bright with both light sources. The combination of both of them would let you do anything you need to.

My insight is this. Even though there is a $900 initial TV cost, having the yearly cost to be $23 shows that you could save that $23 and run it on the solar generator. That means that in 39 months or roughly 3 years, you would pay back the cost of the TV. My first LED TV cost $400 and if I had used that as a light source instead of the regular electricity, I would have saved $160 or almost half in the past 7 years. Now you can buy solar panels and a solar generator that could power the TV between $600-$1200 and then you can figure out the rates of payback for you.

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I have a TV in my office and in my bedroom and with both of these running I haven’t had to use the LED light for general illumination at night. This means that I can start using that for power during the day for the TV.

My goal is trying to reduce my dependence on external power and reduce my carbon footprint. Buying a TV that is energy efficient is a helpful way to accomplish this goal.