Save money on cell phone bills with US Mobile vs Visible comparision

dog cell phone comic

I switched to US Mobile cell phone service and so far so good.

No, I am not being paid to write this. I had been using Visible and had no real problems with it at $45 a month but happened to read reviews of cell phone companies at Trustpilot and noticed that Visible had low ratings from others. Since I am always curious about trying new things, I thought I could take this opportunity to see if there was a better cell phone provider for me.

It appears based on my needs US Mobile might be the best fit. Here is a comparison of US Mobile vs. Visible.

dog cell phone comic
dog cell phone comic

US Mobile Pros

  1. The $25 plan works fine for me. I had been paying $45 with Visibile. The only thing I don’t get is hotspot data but I don’t use that anyway so it’s not an issue.
  2. Better customer service. I had a small problem porting over my number. Visible had a different PIN than my standard account PIN and I had to log in to the Visible webpage to request an email that had my port out PIN. Two people helped me when I started a text chat and they resolved it in 10 minutes. Fantastic. Even better than when I had a problem porting to Visibile which took longer for me to figure out.
  3. App eSIM process walks you through the process. It was well done and you didn’t need to know anything about your phone to do the process.
  4. An amazing 45 free days to try the service. This means that even if you paid for this month from your current carrier you don’t lose money by trying this service. For me, that meant that I had saved $90. Even better is that after 3 months of service, they give you a $25 credit. Amazing.
  5. Excellent reviews on Trustpilot. The highest of any cell phone provider that I found. I had never used them before but I had read others in web forums who praised it highly.
  6. The ability to use phones from Verizon/Tmobile networks without needing to buy a new phone. That’s nice.
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US Mobile Cons

  1. When you make your first call to someone after switching it asks you on the iPhone to choose if you want to use the available line. This is a result of how eSIM works and the same thing happened to me when I switched to Visible. You simply click on the easy choice and it only happens once per number.
  2. During the porting process if you have an iPhone you might see SOS at the top of the screen for about a minute. This is part of the process and might worry you. Just relax and trust the process. It means it is getting transferred.

Visible Pros

  1. I didn’t have any real problems switching to it other than having a problem with how my eSIM worked on my iPhone. I had to work with a customer support person for two hours. That was the biggest issue.
  2. The $45 price was cheaper than the $60 price I was paying for Verizon prepaid.

Visible Cons

  1. Sometimes my calls would drop unexpectedly. Sometimes I would fail to hear the other person when I was in the kitchen. I will update this article if the same thing happens with US Mobile. This was the main reason I switched besides curiosity. In-house performance was worse than I remember Verizon prepaid being.