Hope no matter what

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the events around us. We can feel powerless to adjust in the face of what seem like overwhelming odds. Yet, no matter what happens in life, we have to find a way to thrive.

I am not going to say to be positive no matter what happens. That is not realistic or healthy. What I am going to say is that we all have challenges, and when we have courage and strength we can survive and help others.

One of the things that I truly believe in is that when we focus on the quality of our life too much, we distort how good we have it. This is not just because I am a white man, but also based on what I have learned from people who live in challenging life situations. People who have physical limitations, or poor environments don’t have the same opportunities most people do. Yet people like Bill Clinton dealt with poverty and found a way to survive and thrive.

Again, I am not saying that this is possible for everyone. As a society we should always help those who are disadvantaged. Yet, all of us no matter what condition we are in, can do something to improve the quality of our own life.

So I ask you in these times where it seems like the clouds of depression, the storm of uncertainty will overwhelm us to hope. If we give in to despair, anger, hate we give up part of what makes us human. We give up the best part of ourselves, to take the easy road of negativity and destruction. I don’t blame you for being confused, hurt and scared. We all are. We are a human family that will succeed no matter what happens.

Be brave the best is yet to come!