NYC poor air quality tomorrow – steps you can take now


I just learned that NYC’s poor air quality will happen tomorrow. Here are steps you can take now.

  1. Buy an Air Purifier. I have been using this one and it works great. I get no financial benefit.
  2. Buy N95 or N100 masks. N100 masks are better and I wrote about them here.
  3. Close your AC vents if you have AC window units and cover them with heavy fabrics so air doesn’t pass through. I am going to use some extra curtains that I have.
  4. Go grocery shopping/laundry today so that you don’t have to go out tomorrow.
  5. Buy any HEPA air filter today and turn it on and start clearing the air in your house so that you don’t have to overcome interior air pollution with external air pollution as well. Many stores sell HEPA filter air purifiers.
  6. If you have forced air have an AC tech come and install HEPA filters in your home.
  7. Fill up your car with gas since gas stations have poor air quality and too much stress on your lungs can overwhelm your ability to heal.
  8. Reach out to neighbors who are older and give them masks if they don’t have them and help them with the above steps.
  9. Seal around your window gaps/doors if you know you have air drafts. This will limit any particles getting inside.
  10. Clean your oven. Burnt oven food that is incinerated causes breathing difficulties for those with asthma.

Stay safe out there!

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