Nostalgia is stupid

Nostalgia Funny Comic

Lots of things try to appeal to nostalgia but it is stupid.

We see recycled themes over and over in entertainment. The original is generally better and it is just a lack of creativity and thought that this is so common. For example, I don’t watch remakes of TV series/movies. There isn’t a point. They may be technically higher quality such as the resolution, but emotionally vacant.

Nostalgia Funny Comic
nostalgia funny comic

One of the things that I have been doing lately is watching old TV series that I never finished when I was younger. I like to finish everything that I start. Almost 99% of the time they are unwatchable. I wonder why I liked them in the past and I question why I didn’t see the obvious issues with the stories and philosophy. We really can’t see the faults of the present, but with time everything becomes clear.

The idea that we can be happy by going back to the past or relieving an earlier point in our lives is clearly false. Happiness is always living in the moment, and not trying to live in the past and future. What happens when we always live in the past? We never enjoy the pleasure of the moment. We are still in error when we try to live in the future. Even if the past was better than your present, it is gone, and a delusion to believe in it.

People choose their illusions in life. Choose to see reality instead of a fantasy.

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