Thinking about Dr. Mario and then he appears in my life

dr mario comic

Ever have a time when you are thinking of something and then it suddenly appears in your life? Are you psychic or did you cause that thing to happen, or is this just dumb luck?

A few weeks ago I was thinking of playing Dr. Mario. I played it online but it wasn’t very good. The controls weren’t responsive and the image was distorted so I quickly gave up on it. I figured this was just silly nostalgia.

Then I went to a friend’s place and they bought an emulation system that had Dr. Mario on it! I couldn’t believe it. It worked perfectly and I was thinking as Urkel said “Did I do that?”

Probably not, but it is interesting isn’t it that often what we want we get even when we don’t do anything to get it? Or could I have sensed I was going to get it, and then been sensitive to the possible future?

I don’t claim to know anything about how the world works, but often in my life I have had things happen that I have thought about that were unlikely. Maybe you have had this experience too. It’s almost like there is a part of us that somehow can sense in some small way what might happen. It makes you wonder if our ideas of free will are valid.

Well even if free will isn’t valid I’m going to act like it is so that I take responsibility for my life. I don’t mind if Dr. Mario slides in there by thinking. Now I’m going to think of winning the lottery. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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