Google AdSense ads are mostly scams

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If you are thinking of using Google AdSense ads, just be aware that most of them are scams.

Why do I say this? Just on a whim, I thought I’d audit all of the ads currently running on my site. In Google Adsense, you can look at and deny ads that you don’t like. It turns out that the vast majority of them probably 90% represent companies with the worst reputation on web review sites.

google search console
google search console

I mentioned before that I found Trustpilot a reliable review site. I had 70 pages of ads being run. After I blocked ads from companies that had more complaints than good reviews, I only have a handful of products/sites that can be trusted. I am not saying that you should trust any AdSense ad on this site. You always need to do your research. I will not support running ads that are scams.

However, this brings up a larger problem. When I researched this issue of poor Adsense ad quality/scam companies it seems to be a common problem that people all over the world have had problems with. For a company that says not to do any evil, Google has no standards on the ads that they will accept. Yes, you can report ads, but whose job is it to police their ads? For the pitful few dollars they offer, they are asking us to work for less than slave wages. We couldn’t even buy food with the money that the average site gets from Google Adsense. This isn’t just me, but many people throughout the world.

Google makes money by enabling slave labor. Not only with this but with YouTube and the poor compensation that they pay content creators. It is remarkable. We expect free information but we don’t pay for the source that makes that possible. Then what happens is that the only sources become corrupted to pay the bills, and the system is designed that way. Do you wonder why corruption occurs? We design for it. If people who were investigating issues were paid as a social good, then they wouldn’t have to write stupid advertisements for the garbage you don’t want. If someone is giving something for free someone is paying for it. Who is paying for what you believe?

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