Never discount suggestions from people who love you

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Never discount suggestions from people who love you. No matter how crazy they might seem to be.

I shared earlier that my foot has felt better since I started wearing rubber slippers in the shower. I had another suggestion given to me and it worked great. No one has a monopoly on good ideas, and being open to ideas can be so helpful to everyone.

Then I realized that I had made an error in not following this advice earlier. I consider myself open-minded yet I didn’t practice these two good bits of advice for a while. It appears that even when you want to fix a problem, changing from what you know and are comfortable with is very hard. Not impossible, however, it just may take some time.

Now going forward, the lesson I learned is that if I am not willing to try something new, it probably is my own habit of what is old. It didn’t cost me money or inconvenience to change. In fact, in many ways, it made things more convenient. I don’t have the energy or time to always be trying new things or do I? Have I gotten so old and rigid that I can’t go with the flow and grow as a person?

There is an old german quote. “He who is not busy growing is dying.” I think of that often. I want to grow and if that means that I have to change and let things go then I must do it. I must grow because I am alive and human and I want to have the most helpful impact on the world. I don’t want to be one of those people who look at the world and instead of helping it, only look to criticize and cause more pain.

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The world has enough pain. Give it laughter, love, and whatever else you can do.