Dreaming of people I love

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I often dream of people that I love. Do you?

Last night I dreamed of someone I used to be friends with growing up. I told her that I loved her which I did as a friend. When I woke up I knew why I had dreamed this. It was because I am growing in love with myself, and she was just another part of me.

In real life, however, I did love my friends and relationships the best that I could. I am not perfect and I made mistakes. It is ok to make mistakes. Why am I sharing this with you? I find most of my dreams inspiring and so insightful to my life.

I actually had several dreams last night and I understand why I had each of them. They all showed me how I am dealing with current events. If you don’t have the money for a therapist, understanding your dreams is the next best thing. Part of your mind wants you to understand yourself. You just need to think about what a dream may mean and sometimes the meaning is so obvious.

Going back to the dream last night I told her that I loved her because I sometimes have made loving myself less of a priority than loving others. It sometimes feels selfish in the past to do self-care and love yourself when you are taught that it can be selfish to feel that way. In time you learn that only by taking care of yourself can you really help others. Yes, it’s a cliche but it was one I had to work through.

For me, I used to define too much of my self-worth by what others thought of me and how they felt toward me. I learned that mistake and now don’t care at all what others think. Most people do not really know who you are, or want to spend the time to get to know you. Which is fine, we can be happy without others’ validation.

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Loving others is nice, but loving yourself is critical.