Wearing slippers in the shower?

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Yeah, I thought it was crazy the first time I tried it too, but now I am sold on it.

The only time I wore slippers in the shower was during college or using a public shower like a pool. I thought that made sense. I was wrong. I had a friend suggest using plastic slippers in the shower and I thought “Well how am I going to wash my feet?” I figured it out and there are so many advantages to having slippers.

First the disadvantages. You have to clean them when you are done. It means you wipe off the water so you can continue to wear them inside the house. No big deal. I have to wipe off my feet anyway, so wiping off the shoe isn’t a big issue. Update: I just shake them and they dry off.

Now the advantages. When the tub is cold like it is during most of the year, your feet don’t get cold. They stay toasty warm. In addition, you might find sandals that are comfortable like Hoka’s, and wearing them is like walking on clouds. In addition to your feet being warm, now they are more comfortable than the hard surface of the bathtub. Finally, I have had some foot pain when my feet get cold and when my feet aren’t cold, I don’t think I will have any foot pain anymore. The cheap sandals I was wearing weren’t supportive enough probably, so sometimes you have to spend a little money to get something better.

I am not telling you what you should do, rather when you try something you might find out it works better than what you are used to doing. I thought that no sandals in the shower were best, but it is not for me. It might be different for you. My feet needed more support than the shower/tub floor could give.

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Trying new things is always helpful, even if it doesn’t work out for you.