I was a snowman

snowman comic

Yes, I was a snowman. No, I am not crazy.

As a kid, I used to ride 4-wheelers with a friend.  Winter, where I lived, was very snowy. I would wrap up with layers of clothing, a helmet, scarf, and I looked like a sumo wrestler. It was comical.

One time I can remember my friend and I were dressed up like this and we went for a 4-wheeler ride and it was really snowy. It was borderline crazy we were going out, but when you are young you do stupid things. I don’t remember how long we were out but we were covered head to toe in snow. I had glasses and that was the only part of me you could see.

When we are done with our ride we get off the 4-wheeler and we look like two snowmen. Well, I should say snowpeople since my friend was a girl and I laughed at how she looked and she laughed at how I looked.

Her parents said that we looked like snowpeople too. We peeled our outfits off and put them in front of the fireplace they had. Warmed up with hot chocolate I remember feeling how happy I was to have this memory and connection. The best times of our lives are never about material things, but about emotional ones.

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