My twitter account was hacked

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Said a few months ago that I created a protest Twitter account to share with others Sony’s hostile customer treatment. Today I got two emails. The first said that my Twitter account was accessed, and the second that the password had been changed.

Immediately I filed a report with Twitter to let them know the account had been hacked. I don’t care about the account and it isn’t linked to anything important. It doesn’t have any personal information and I didn’t delete it because I was curious how long Twitter has abandoned accounts before they terminate them.

Now bizarrely Twitter sent me two emails saying that I should click on the link to reset my password. I am not going to do that. I don’t know if it’s Twitter or the hacker. If it is Twitter I have already told them the situation and it is their job to fix it. If it is the hacker, I will simply be giving them more data about the kinds of passwords I use even if I use a randomly generated one.

I don’t trust email. I doubt every email that I get. Why would Twitter think that sending an email when the account is in question is a good idea? It is a terrible idea. They should call the person and give them some unique piece of information the hacker doesn’t know.

What a waste of time this hacker has done. There is nothing to be gained by taking over that account. The strange thing is that the email that I got from Twitter when it said the password was changed said the location was unknown. To me if the location is unknown, why are you allowing a password change to happen? That seems like a red flag right there.

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Twitter is such a dumpster fire. I am only sharing this to show you what happens if you have a Twitter account. I’d dump your Twitter account and unlink it from anything important if you have one.

Update: I reset my password and deactivated the account. I don’t want to play games with a hacker.