Buy Anolon bakeware if you can

Anolon Pans

I did in the past and it developed a chip in the finish when I was using it. I had the pan in heavy use for three years as you can see in the photo below. They just sent me a beautiful new one!

Anolon Pans
anolon pans

Isn’t this incredible? It is larger than the original one I had, and a better model as well. This pan is something I use every day to cook and I couldn’t be more pleased about getting it covered under warranty. This is the first time that a company that I have bought from has replaced a defective pan.

The pan on the top is the new one and the bottom one is the one that I have used every day for the past 3 years.

Now what is even more interesting is that the two other Anolon pans that I bought at the same time as this pan look like the pan above. I have used them to cook but they still look new. I figured that the cake pan becoming discolored was just a thing that all cake pans do.

I did wash the pan after every use and scrubbed it with non-abrasive cleanings as well. It just kept getting worse and worse. All cake pans that I have ever used have steadily gotten worse and in the past, I just replaced them when I couldn’t stand to look at them anymore. When I asked other vendors to stand by their warranty they refused saying that I had abused the pan. Some things you can’t wash off abrasively and that is abuse.

To protect this pan I will use foil whenever I cook to make sure nothing can damage the surface. I used foil with the bottom pan but it didn’t seem to make any difference. The pan just kept getting darker and darker.

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To be fair, I live in an apartment and the ovens I have used were in really poor/old condition. It is possible that they didn’t evenly heat the pan and that is part of the problem. I have noticed in homes where ovens are older that pans are usually in poor condition and not due to age either. I had an oven when I was a child that would darken Pyrex glassware when it was used so there is something that happens in some ovens that can harm cookware.

Anyway, feel good about buying from this company because they stand behind what they sell. It was easy to get a replacement. I sent them photos as they requested and told them the size it was and two weeks later here I am. What a surprise and joy it was to receive this today. Now that I have washed it, I am going to cook tonight’s meal with it.