Canadians do it better

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What do Canadians do better? Make office chairs.

I decided on the office chair I will buy and purchased it. It will arrive in a week but I am sure I will love it. I usually don’t have expectations for things, but I have read so many reviews that I feel good about this product. It is called the Nightingale CXO 6200D. A terrible name for a fantastic product.

What do I love about it? Lots of things. I am all about comfort and this has a thick seat cushion. Yes, the studies show that a thin seat cushion of no more than 2 inches is best but sometimes user experience is more important than science. I believe in science, and long term this may be right. However, I am tired of chairs that are uncomfortable, and almost every thin cushioned seat bottom I have found uncomfortable. When the universal reviews say this is like sitting on a cloud, I believe them.

No, I am not getting paid by them to endorse this. I have watched over 700 videos and read countless web pages about the most comfortable office chairs. This seems to be the clear winner. I especially like that the lumbar support can be adjusted in so many ways. In almost every chair I have experienced lumbar support has been poor and caused me pain to sit in it.

Office chairs are quite a scam, aren’t they? I have worked in places that had the most expensive chairs and sat in those and they were uncomfortable and caused pain. I know that many expensive chairs are not for me by personal experience. Not everyone works in IT and can sit in expensive chairs. I also spent an afternoon at an office supply store and sat in each of their hundreds of chairs. An employee came back to ask if he could help me and I said that I need personal experience to find the right chair. He left. I sat in so many chairs and in the end, I found one that I loved. Surprisingly it was a fairly cheap Serta chair that was very comfortable. I enjoyed that chair for a long time.

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The problem is that most people, don’t have access to expensive chairs nor the time to sit on hundreds of chairs to find what they like. Let me give you some shortcuts on chair comfort.

  1. Don’t get a chair with a mesh where the frame is exposed.
  2. Don’t get a chair that you feel back pain in sitting in and has no lower back adjustment.
  3. Don’t get a chair with a thick cushion that is cheap because it will deflate and hurt your back in six months.
  4. Don’t get a chair that feels good for an hour but the lower back support isn’t there and then hurts you.
  5. Don’t get a recliner that will shift and the cushions will compress and cause back pain.
  6. Don’t get a chair with Leather, PU leather, or any kind of junk like that.
  7. Don’t think price equals quality it doesn’t.
  8. Don’t get a cheap chair under $200. You get what you pay for. That Serta chair was $250 and though very limited, very comfortable.
  9. Don’t get a chair with no warranty.
  10. Don’t get a chair without testing some in person.