How to get a refund from the Playstation Store

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I recently had a problem with Sony Playstation Store and their terms and conditions are awful. Once you buy the game and download it (automatically), they don’t have any responsibility for it. It doesn’t matter if it was an accident, or the game won’t load.

This created a problem for me. I am not paying something for something that I can’t use. I did a chargeback and Sony banned my Playstation account. I could not play the old games that I had purchased. I spoke before about how I created a Twitter account, contacted several Sony executives including the President of Sony, reached out to an attorney currently suing Sony with a class action suit, and filed a BBB case.

That was last week. This week a Sony Playstation rep contacted me on Monday and we discussed the issue, and I mentioned that I also was seeking legal counsel for the issue. She said that she had to transfer the case to one of their attorneys and he would be calling me back. Great. The next day the attorney called me and I explained what happened he looked at the case, verified my information, and asked what resolution I was asking for. I simply stated that I wanted my account unbanned and that I would go back to buying games. I had bought a game previously and even an update for it the RDR2 that I loved playing. He unbanned me and I now am left whole.

Now, what is the natural conclusion to this? Do not buy anything from the Sony Store again. My friend said that Steam works very well for him, and when I did the research for all of these problems it turns out that console versions of games are not feature equivalent to PC versions and are often buggy. So it appears that I will need to put my PC to work playing games now and not depend on Sony Playstation in the future. 20 years with PlayStation is at an end because of Sony’s terrible customer service. Why?

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