Stories from My Past: My first trip to the liquor store

aw root beer photo

My first trip to the liquor store isn’t what you might think. In fact, I was there for a friend.

I grew up and the older I got, the less healthy one of my teachers became. She had a terminal disease, and sometimes it would hit her harder than other times and she would find it painful to walk. Well of course, I liked her because she thought I was great, so I felt bad for her when she was more sick.

aw root beer photo
aw root beer photo

One time she hadn’t gone to the social occasion where I would see her, and I asked someone where she was. They said she was sick and I asked if there was anything I could do to help. They suggested that she really liked A&W root beer floats and Rum together. So I had my plan.

I went to the liquor store for the first time to get her the Rum. I ran into someone who recognized me and I could see that they were judging me for being there. I bought the rum and then the A&W root beer float and took them to her. She was so surprised and grateful to receive them.

People judge by appearances instead of asking the reason why people do things. I have talked about this before. Many times people have judged me thinking that I did something when they are just filling in details that they are making up.

Another example is that sometimes I would take people home from work if they had a car problem or some kind of serious situation. One of my passengers smoked and it made the car smell of smoke. The next day I gave a ride to someone different, and that person was surprised and asked if I smoked. I said no and that I had given a ride to someone who smoked.

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Another example is that sometimes people think I belong to a certain protected class of people who I do not. This seems to happen more often with people who are religiously conservative, or those with little education. I find it amusing that is their perception. I have also been accused of being in that class because of jokes I have made, or other superficial reasons. Very stereotyped reasons for this idea.

For all of these reasons and more, as much as possible, I don’t judge others. I am not perfect of course, but I always try to ask and not assume anything. What we see is rarely the real story. Instead of looking at others and thinking you understand, please ask them. You both might learn something and save yourself from being ignorant and wrong.