Mistaken identities give you unique opportunities

mistaken identity comic

In the past, I used to be involved in drama in school. One time there was a regional drama competition and so I had the opportunity to miss a day of school to attend. I was in!

The competition was organized in different rooms and depending on what you were doing you went to a different place. I prepared my outfit and went to the room to show my routine and I was the first one there. I hate being late. When the other high school students came in they thought I was the teacher doing the judging and so I went with it.

mistaken identity comic
mistaken identity comic

I acted like the teacher and asked them to do their warm-ups if they needed to, and that we would be getting started shortly. Imagine everyone surprise when a mature white guy came in and said I’m the teacher and I’m sorry I’m late. Everyone looked at me. I laughed and said no one asked me if I was the teacher so I just went for it. The teacher thought it was very funny.

Many times in life I have been mistaken for someone in authority. I don’t argue with people I just act like the person in authority until someone shows up. Then the person usually takes over and no one says anything. People love to assume based on appearances but I was a high school student and didn’t look like a mature white guy. I told my friends and they said I should have been more demanding of the students. I don’t want to abuse a joke, just play along.

I have assumed to be a teacher, professor, store worker, information kiosk, restaurant worker, attorney, counselor, personal trainer, waterboy, and ATM. Ask someone and don’t assume who they are.

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