Addicted to the drama

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People like clickbait titles and controversy. Are we addicted to the drama?

As a kid, I remember standing in line at the store and reading the ridiculous titles of the tabloids. I thought even as a kid, who would want to read that junk? Why would anyone want to read something that was obviously false? Now I know the answer. People like to believe things without evidence, and they will die to defend their ignorance.

I think this happens for many reasons. The major reason is the idea that things can be true without evidence. I am not just talking about “faith”/religion here, but also the idea of mystics and others that you can sense things without facts. I don’t know if that is true, but it sets an impossible precedent. It says that we can believe whatever we want, no matter how harmful it is. It is the reason that we had so much bloodshed and violence in our past, all on account of that nebulous idea of being right.

When people are right, they don’t have to critically examine their beliefs. They only have to find people who want to believe and get the benefits that they offer. I think that is a large part of how early societies developed. They talked about whatever belief was convenient to convince the people, and then make this an unquestionable reality.

I think clickbait titles are no better than those old tabloids. They support a fantasy that a person wants to have. With the internet, people just fan the flames of whatever mental disease people have to make them seem right. I think deep down people’s uncertainty makes them act in ways that are rigid and unempathetic. I have seen that people who truly believe in something aren’t afraid to examine ideas and reconsider if their beliefs/methods are helpful.

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It has been my experience that empathic people are willing to look at something from another point of view and look at their own reality. Unempathic people don’t care, and they focus on their own narrow life. This lack of caring about others is why to them, they don’t need to look at themselves. They are happy with their lives so what is the point?

Is being human just thinking about our own lives, or do we have space in our lives to truly love and show our love with actions?