Don’t get mad do something!

fairness and justice comic

Everyone likes to get mad and type out replies on the Internet, but what real change happens?

There are always people who are stupid and who like to clickbait people. I ignore those people and I ignore clickbait titles. I am not going to waste my time being manipulated even if it temporarily might make me feel “right”.

We are being manipulated, people! When we allow other people to decide our actions based on just emotions we aren’t acting like rational humans but the most basic form of life. We choose the easy option instead of the helpful one.

Do you think for one minute that your witty and intelligent response will change someone’s mind? No. People are dying from a lack of vaccines because they are convinced they are right. People are ruining the earth because they don’t believe in climate change. People are acting in their short-term best interest because they don’t care about anything other than the short term.

All of my life I have seen people make short-term decisions that ruin them and others. We are addicted as a society to only seeing what is in front of us. When we used to live in the forest this was a great strategy. It no longer is. Our interconnectedness now means that everyone’s choices affect everyone else. It just is too small of a world to be anything different. When people don’t take vaccines then hospitals get overrun, and then other patients don’t get care. At that point their personal choices now impact you.

Now I hear you saying everyone has freedom of choice. Of course, we all have freedom of choice. We should also have the freedom to act in ways that can help others as well. We did not build a society by just thinking of ourselves. Yet how common it is for everyone to say I am going to do whatever I want, and to hell with everyone else. This is not going to make a sustainable society.

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Do something today to make the world a better place. Don’t just virtue signal by typing a response on LinkedIn.