Got vaccination and felt sick

vaccine selfie cartoon

I got a vaccination for COVID-19 on Monday and I felt sick about six hours later. Yesterday I was completely in bed resting and trying to feel better.

This isn’t to put anyone off. I always feel sick after getting a vaccine. It is only to explain why you didn’t see any content from me yesterday.

Surprisingly I thought I would have few views yesterday without content, but there were still people who looked at the website. It wasn’t my worst day. That made me feel better. People were still interested in reading even when I was temporarily down.

vaccine selfie cartoon
vaccine selfie cartoon

I had chills/fever and a slight headache. What surprised me was that I didn’t feel any pain at the injection site. That was a nice experience. The person who gave me the injection also rubbed my muscle where she used the needle and explained she was working it into the muscle. I used an ice pack for 15 minutes when I got home at the suggestion of my doctor, so either one of those might have been the reason. UPDATE: A friend saw the same nurse and she rubbed her muscle the same as mine and she had arm soreness at the spot. It is clear that an ice pack for 15 minutes after a vaccination shot eliminates the pain for me and probably others as well.

I had all of the Covid vaccinations in the past and I still got Covid. I felt sick of course but I was glad that I had the vaccinations so that I wasn’t at risk of death. This time I had to pay $20 for the vaccination. Insurance wouldn’t cover it which is unfortunate. I think this means that Covid will probably be very prominent in the next six months because of this short-sighted decision. I hate health care. They should call it “death care”. They only want to pay money when you are dying and sometimes not even then.

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I was the only person in the pharmacy to get this vaccination that day. Why isn’t $20 worth avoiding a worse outcome?