Heat Wave affects the cockroaches

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I had a visitor in my shower this morning. The biggest cockroach I ever saw.

To be clear I didn’t see it when I was showering. I am blind without my glasses so I was happily showering and no problems. Then I got out and my roomie pointed it out to me. Boy was I surprised. It was huge! Finally, I can check off the NYC living bingo experience “Saw a big cockroach.”.

Apparently, the heat wave yesterday encouraged him to come indoors. Wonderful. Probably all that cool AC helped. I’m glad that I am helping support the natural habitat. I wonder if I should send a bill to the local nature preserve.

Living in New York City has allowed me to be close to nature. I have been surprised by the wildlife that can exist in the city. For example, where I live now there are wild turkeys, cats, squirrels, all kinds of birds, raccoons, foxes, and deer. Other places where I lived had even more wildlife. This is not to brag, but the stereotype that NYC is just buildings is just false. It’s lots of cockroaches and rats. I saw a rat so big in the subway once that the train slowed down so it didn’t hit it.

Now the heat wave yesterday did have some negative effects. The delivery people looked miserable and I felt sorry for them. I had to get the laundry delivered yesterday. It also is killing the lawn which they don’t water. I agree with not watering it but it’s clear that in a decade regular laws will be replaced I hope with something more useful. Like native plants for the wildlife!

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I look at the places that have triple-digit temperatures like in the south and feel sorry for them. How stressful it would be to live knowing that now AC is a life or death situation. It was a life-or-death situation when I used to live in a desert as well. I wonder if AI and chatgpt realize that they don’t need to launch any nuclear missiles to kill us, then just need to plug the plug.