More Zoomers than Baby Boomers next year

Generational Comic

Finally. You can read the Axios article here.

This is great news. Now we will have more modern ways of doing things instead of holding onto the past. I see many companies who hold onto things that they know they should change, but don’t have the energy or desire to get with the times.

Generational Comic
generational comic

Working in IT I have been asked many times to modernize the infrastructure. All the research is done, the budget is set and then the decision is made to keep with the status quo. How frustrating and demoralizing that is to workers.

I love that things change, and I love that I have been part of that change in so many companies. As both a full-time employee and consultant, I have helped companies change and eliminate the technical debt that they have. How exciting it is when companies can be more efficient, and often save money as well.

I wrote an earlier article that I love the younger generation because they and I share some of the same values. I like that people are being more authentic and letting go of the pomp and baggage from the past. How exciting it is to be part of this time and place in history. I consider myself very fortunate.

One day when Boomers are gone and companies have been reshaped into sustainable, socially responsible workplaces it will be a better work environment and a more stable economy and life. I can’t wait for the improvements!

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