LinkedIn security is a joke

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I reported someone who contacted me yesterday and in 15 minutes LinkedIn said it didn’t violate the terms of LinkedIn. How could that be?

The person’s profile said she was on the board of a well-known US company. I googled her name and the company and she wasn’t on the board. I had an Asian woman I didn’t know contact me and want to get to know me offline on LinkedIn and I am supposed to think that is a normal and professional contact?

I don’t know about you, but the quickest sign that someone is trying to scam me is certain details that all scammers seem to have now. They like to say they work for clothing, jewelry or bitcoin companies. Then they ask to talk on Whats App/WeChat/Telegram/Snap. How could that possibility be a professional contact?

LinkedIn Logo
LinkedIn Logo

Here is where LinkedIn security is poor. When they look at a person’s profile and it says a member of the board of directors, that is a very unlikely case. Scammers always act as though they are the CEO of their own company or some VIP/Executive. They could have taken one minute to Google that person’s name to verify it. I have reported many scammers here and LinkedIn never spends one minute to verify that the first thing on their profile is true. How could you graduate and instantly have 9 years as a CEO/VP or executive? It doesn’t work that way unless your parents own the company.

I have to assume that LinkedIn doesn’t care about the safety of its platform. At least once per week, and as often as once per day I have scammers who reach out to me and want to be “friends”. They claim to be local, but when I ask, they just went on a trip somewhere and won’t be back for a while. Oh yeah, that sounds real.

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What is even more of a waste of time is how scammers can buy fake LinkedIn profiles and just assume an identity. There is not enough verification of both other members and companies. I have had scammers contact me through job postings here that I have shared. Why are you wasting our time on LinkedIn with this? If I can tell who the scammers are, why aren’t you taking these reports seriously?

For this reason, I have signed up with Clear with my profile so that is additional proof that I am real and that should be the standard at the very least. Very poor CIA practices.

I will continue to report scammers, and I will continue to be ignored by lazy and apathetic security people. You have to dig for the truth. It never is something that you can just look at and make a snap judgement- unless you work for LinkedIn apparently.