How to verify your identity with CLEAR on LinkedIn

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If you use the LinkedIn mobile app you may be prompted to update your profile with a CLEAR registration. This verifies your identity and helps show that you are an authentic person.

The instructions from LinkedIn are here. It was a pretty quick process. About 5 minutes or so. It recognized my driver’s license immediately and then it appeared on my profile. I would say that it is worthwhile to use.

LinkedIn Logo
LinkedIn Logo

One of the problems on LinkedIn now is that people can buy profiles that look genuine. I continued to get spammed on LinkedIn by people who think I am too stupid to see through their cons. Regularly, I have to block people who want to talk to me about cryptocurrency on Telegram/WhatsApp. Too many greedy people think you can get something for nothing in this world.

Is there a downside to using this? It may be another point where your identity/personal information can be leaked. However, my information has been hacked by so many companies, At this point nothing is a secret but the special mark on my body. I guess another downside would be that it pushes your Activity down lower if people are using laptops it might be beneath the fold of the page. So it might cause less traffic if you have posts that you publish. I don’t think most people click on the posts in your profile. I think the vast majority see it because they are part of your network and you are part of theirs. Making friends and interacting with people on LinkedIn is the single best thing you can do for your career and self-growth.

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I hope that LinkedIn continues to tighten its security so that malicious actors find it impossible to scam. In my job, I actively work against criminal activity and the harmful regimes they represent. Being a victim also funds illegal and harmful activity so if you care about others, having the best security you can is very important.