How many posts per day does it take to be annoying on LinkedIn?

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Apparently according to this expert more than 5. He suggests limiting LinkedIn posts to 5 per day.

He said that the minimum is 1 per day, but a better minimum would be 3 per day. He also said that there is still engagement after 5 posts, but that the cost and the reward stopped being so favorable. He suggested mixing it between personal and company pages.

This was a concern that I had. I noticed that the top-ranking people in my social network seem to post often during the day. They were posting it seemed hourly, and much of that was recycled content. If that is what they did to be successful, would that work for me?

I have been running an experiment for the last few weeks. I have been posting 9 posts a day randomly to see how people react. It has provided useful information that I can share.

First, people seem to like to read a variety of topics and styles of writing. If I mix things up, I seem to have the best and most people reading.

Second, if the title is provocative without being clickbait that also greatly helps.

Third, sometimes a post will be popular at first and then die. Alternatively, sometimes it will be slow at first and then grow. You really can’t guess how content will do based on past content.

Fourth, when you write for your website first and LinkedIn second you often get different results. It can be popular at one site and not at another. It can have a very different audience.

Fifth, when they are interested in a topic length of writing is a non-issue. I always thought people wanted things condensed as quickly as possible but people also love reading longer things. Mix up the length of what you write.

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I will not be doing the 9 posts a day anymore. I will settle something into the 3-5 posts per day. Thank you for helping me understand what you want to read and find useful.