Found a wonderful band yesterday WORLD ORDER

Worldorder Group Photo

I found a wonderful Japanese band yesterday called World Order. I just love their music.

For example, this is a video of them in NYC. What I like about this group are first that they have thoughtful and hopeful lyrics. They also have some fun videos which reference things in culture like Dragon Balls from Dragon Balls Z. They reference Japanese culture, but they also combine it with other cultures and even travel to other famous places around the world. It is really interesting to watch their videos.

Worldorder Group Photo
World order group photo

That is what I did yesterday. I just was so impressed that I started to go through their catalog and each video was amazing. I was surprised because they were like the Tears for Fears of Japan. They were prosocial, pro-hope, pro-thoughtful lyrics.

Is there a downside to them? I can’t find any. I am not fond of dance music generally, but to me, their songs had enough pop elements to make them comparable to someone like BT in my opinion. If you like synth music, reverb, and amazing choreography you will probably enjoy them.

Over time the composition of their band changes, which makes sense given the very difficult dance moves they do. They have a style, but they are so creative. It is also fun trying to guess what they will do next because they have surprising moves. They make much of the dance styles of the US look boring in comparison.

It is also fun to see how since they dance in public places, they combine the reactions of the audience in what they do. There is also some tension in how people on the street will react to them. It is neat to see them bring it to the street like the original breakdancers did in NYC. I am just so impressed with this group, and if you give them a chance you might be as well.

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