LinkedIn Premium membership stopped and can’t share videos

Kid Comic

As you may have gotten used to I used to share LinkedIn learning videos after my posts. Yesterday I couldn’t do that anymore since my Premium membership was over. It is so silly.

Kid Comic
kid comic

So when LinkedIn blocks me from sharing the videos that I have watched, who does this hurt? Me? Not at all. It hurts them and the authors in their library. It is easy to get training videos from other sources, so that is what I will do in the future. It just means that the traffic will go somewhere else which is fine with me.

The sign of a monopoly is that they try to do everything. Or they limit the freedom that you have or reduce performance like forcing a wait or bringing up another window where you are forced to choose something before you leave their website. The web was built on openness and trust, but of course, money-grubbing companies will try to find a way to monetize it.

I looked at my Google Site Kit and since I have no longer shared videos, I have seen more people click on the articles. LinkedIn tries to hurt people by denying them access to something that should be free like sharing content and it backfires. When you try to hurt your customers things never turn out well. For example, earlier I read companies are offering VIP experiences to overcome their inability to manage their customers. They create the problem by mismanagement and then charge you for the solution. How is that fair?

The more companies limit what people can do on their websites, the more customers will move to other platforms. Just like the migration from MySpace to Facebook, I can’t wait for the replacement of LinkedIn.

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