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LinkedIn Spammers drop all pretence

Liars Linkedin Comic

Spammers on LinkedIn used to pretend they were business-related to gain your trust. Then they would share their WhatsApp information. They just shared the Whatsapp number and asked to call.

Liars Linkedin Comic
liars linkedin comic

Of course, I blocked them. I think what this means is that people are still accepting these fishing attempts and now they feel emboldened to just skip the small talk and get right down to business. I have noticed that I have gotten more text and email messages as well that are garbage.

For example, yesterday I got a photo of an attractive young woman and then she asked to talk on WhatsApp. What a waste of time. I blocked her as well. Why would I want to talk with some rando that I can’t confirm is real or not? Do people respond to this garbage?

I often get emails with women in suggestive or outright pornographic poses. It doesn’t make any sense. It is insulting to men. We are capable of recognizing manipulation, and nothing sexual from a stranger is going to cause me to help you.

I keep reporting people to LinkedIn a few days ago a woman messaged me and she had nothing on her profile not even a photo. There isn’t any reason to believe she is real. LinkedIn in its wisdom said she didn’t violate any rules. That is just stupid. You can’t have a shell of a profile and not be shady. Nothing but the bare essentials of what is required is not a trustworthy source. If they message people and talk about WhatsApp, what do you think is happening here? This is a sincere person wanting to make legitimate business connections? It is frustrating when it is so obvious and they don’t want to take action.

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Be careful on LinkedIn. There are plenty of people you can’t trust.