Don’t trust Grammarly completely

grammar comic

Grammarly is a useful tool, but it can be wrong.

I use it it to help with this writing and at times it suggests improper grammar. It seems to have a problem with the tense of the subject. It also has issues deciding between singular and plural. I have had to override its suggestions at times, to make my writing standard English.

grammar comic
grammar comic

Does that mean you shouldn’t use it? Of course not. It is useful even if it is imperfect. It is easy to make a mistake, and even after reading through something several times, things can slip by. If you aren’t a professional writer these kinds of tools increase the quality of your writing.

In comparison to the Microsoft grammar/spell check, it seems better and worse. It is better in that it can suggest advanced phrases and worse in that it doesn’t seem to understand a common language. I prefer to write with Grammarly instead of Microsoft Word since I think the free version makes you look more intelligent.

I welcome Grammarly when it gets more AI and the ability to understand a person’s writing better. I welcome the ability to help Grammarly understand the style in which I write. Until then, thanks for the memories Grammarly.

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