Life is many little steps forward

Baby First Steps Comic

Life is many little steps forward. Rarely do we have a dramatic jump in progress.

Today for example I saw that my views were lower on Friday. They are always lower on Friday. I get it. People are taking out early and not looking at LinkedIn. It’s great when people have lives. I felt a little sad because they always seem low on Friday no matter how interesting something is that I think I have shared.

Baby First Steps Comic
baby first steps comic

That is ok though. All I can do is what I think is the best for me and others, and let the cards fall where they may. I also had other little progress today in my video game for example. I was able to win a boss that I had never won before. That was an accomplishment. Often when you play video games you feel good because you have a sense of progress and completion. That is rewarding.

It is also rewarding when you have a pet and you can see how your life has made their life better. You realize that without your part, the animals would probably have a worse life. Millions of animals are killed each year because people give them up for various reasons. It is sad when this happens, and it isn’t the animal’s fault.

Of course, there are significant challenges both nationally and internationally. People seem to want to destroy others to get what they think is best. How short-sighted are these people? Still, you can’t allow other’s poor choices to change your reality and mood. No matter what you must have find joy/happiness in whatever way you can.

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Celebrate each win you have today and when you feel sad remember all the wins that you had. Remember that even if you don’t feel you had a win today, you could have more wins tomorrow, or do something to get an easy win today. I wrote this post and that is one of my wins for today and one of the things that makes me happy. We only need our validation to be happy.