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Living with little margin for error

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Is it wise to live with little margin for error?

Many times in the past I would invest money into education, health, or whatever to help gain a competitive advantage. However this often left me with not many savings, so when a problem occurred it was a difficult situation. Now I have been able to save money through WFH and it has helped me tremendously.

Another way I lived with little margin of error was in the past when I would rent a cheap apartment. It wasn’t in the best neighborhood and I was somewhat risking my safety by living there. Due to my finances, I didn’t have much choice, so I did what I had to survive.

I used to live in an area that had places that would get flooded with rains/storms. I didn’t have much money so I had to live there and it was a risk coming back and the wrong time and dealing with high water or trying to find another way around it.

However, to me, there are some states that leave you with little margin for error. Florida’s highest point is about 345 feet, but most of the state is just barely above water. To me living in this state is a gamble. We know that water levels are rising. Why move to a state that has an uncertain future according to this scientific article?

What I notice about people is that they think short-term. What is the value of something when water levels rise and your life is threatened? To me, I wouldn’t accept a free house in Florida. It just isn’t worth the stress and uncertainties. It is interesting isn’t it that we claim we are making logical adult decisions when it is primarily made for emotional reasons? Be honest with yourself. If you want to live for a while in Florida that’s your business. Don’t expect to make a lifetime commitment, however.

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