Being generous opens doors

'Wait a minute, Henry. How do we know he won't just go out and blow it all on a tricked out SUV?'

I like to give. It makes me feel good when I can help others.

So when I am generous it is not with any goal in mind. I don’t do things because I think there will be a benefit for me. I prefer to not advertise what I do, and I only share here because it is important that others see that part of my success has been because I have given more than I have received.

'Wait a minute, Henry. How do we know he won't just go out and blow it all on a tricked out SUV?'
‘Wait a minute, Henry. How do we know he won’t just go out and blow it all on a tricked out SUV?’

I like to paint abstract designs. It is something I have always done. I find it relaxing and other people seem to enjoy the things that I create. I spoke about this before with art at work. I have some of my art at home too and I was showing someone it making small talk and they really liked it. So I gave them the painting they liked. Then they came again to my home since they pick up my laundry, and said that their bf liked it. So I asked what the bf would like, and gave him one as well. It is a nice feeling when others enjoy your art.

Well, this surprised the person and she said that perhaps I could make some money in selling it. I had considered it but didn’t consider my work to be that unique. She asked what price I thought was fair. I suggested $1. She laughed and said no this is at least $5. I’m not going to argue on perceived value. She said she would tell others at work and I laughed and said ok you are my agent. I gave her another sample to display at work and who knows?

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The point of sharing this is that I didn’t plan to go into business selling my work. I just like making others happy. So when it turns out that others value what you can do, then you naturally want to share that with others. This is the same story of how I started with technology. I was interested in it as a hobby, and I started to help others informally with their computer issues.

Then people wanted to pay me for my work. I had been accepting dinner or some small token for my work. They insisted what I did was more valuable to them than it was to me. So I don’t argue when people want to give me money.

Being generous is a non-threatening way to share your skills. Don’t be afraid to be generous.