Lieing liars on LinkedIn

Lies Funny Comic

Remember the story that I shared earlier about an email I got as a response to a LinkedIn job post I got? If you don’t, click on the previous link.

In it, I said that the email showed signs of being a scam. Well, guess what? I got another email from the person but this time his name changed from Wally Gee to Wally Vic. I also forgot to mention that in his initial email, the email address said Wally Vic but in the body it was Wally Gee. Another sign that it was false. The email came to me as though I never received the first one. No acknowledgment, no explanation of why the name changed.

Lies Funny Comic
lies funny comic

There are many times that I have received suspicious emails from LinkedIn companies who posted ads. This goes back to my post earlier about LinkedIn Security Sucks. Unfortunately, other problems are becoming larger on LinkedIn like problems with LinkedIn Learning and people with false identities. I get every few days people who claim to be CEOs or something ridiculous contact me and want to be friends and chat off of LinkedIn. When I look up their names of course they are not associated with the company. Then I block them. What a waste of time LinkedIn has become.

This is not to complain just about LinkedIn but rather to point out that you need to be careful here. On that note, the quality of LinkedIn learning is rapidly decreasing. When they first acquired the content was helpful. Lately, I have been suggested courses that have 20 minutes of content which is worthless, or hours of content which is basic. Every LinkedIn learning video I watch feels like an advertorial where they try to slightly disguise what they are selling to you. I am not a product cheerleader and I want real facts and content, not a sales presentation. I have been very unhappy with the quality of the training and I probably won’t re-up the more expensive LinkedIn membership that includes the training. I am just not seeing the value in it. I have learned more lately with YouTube videos which are free.

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Don’t take things at face value on LinkedIn or anywhere else. Look beneath the surface and try to see if they are truly legitimate. Take your time so that you don’t waste your time when you feel that something feels off.