LinkedIn Learning has been unreliable lately

Linkedin Learning Problems

LinkedIn Learning has been unreliable lately. The last few days I have gotten the error message below.

Linkedin Learning Problems
linkedin learning problems

I see full Wi-Fi bars on my laptop and other laptops connected to the same Wi-Fi don’t have an issue. It says “It’s not you. It’s us. Give it another try, please.”

Normally I would have just ignored this but it happened two times in less than a minute from resuming and seeing this screen the first time.

Ever since last year when Microsoft laid off so many tech workers, their services have been worse. I am concerned that the customer will notice and want to look at alternatives. Microsoft is generally easier than the alternatives, but not always the right fit for an organization. I wonder why so many companies choose them. Many companies would be better served by other choices.

Hopefully, they can fix this problem today because it is impacting my ability to skill up and learn. Perhaps an email to customer service is to let them know of the problems.

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