Leaps in technology are so impressive

Quantum Leap Comic

Did you ever have a time in your life when you went from something to something so much better, and the leap just took your breath away?

I am thinking of when a long time ago I had a 56k modem and then I moved and got my first DSL. I couldn’t believe the difference. Instead of waiting for a page, it was almost instant. I was so thrilled. Now I could learn even more things faster.

When I was younger and I was a kid I felt the same way the first time I went to a library. Instead of just the books that I had at home, there was an almost unending amount of things that I could read. I used the library so often growing up and it was one of my favorite places to be.

Quantum Leap Comic
quantum leap comic

Many times in our life we have a leap in the ability of our ability to enjoy life. I felt the same way when I bought my first car, or when I had my first apartment. Now instead of needing to be dependent on others, I could do what I wanted. It was such a relief and a pleasure to have control of your own life.

I think that I have been chasing that technology high ever since. I have always looked at different hardware and software to see if it would be the next leap in functionality. Many things have made my life better and consider them a leap. Using 1Password a password manager was a big leap in my daily experience. Using a computer that understood biometrics and didn’t need a password is nice as well. Being able to talk to devices and have them do things is good as well. I don’t see VR/Spatial technology to be that leap. Since I have glasses VR has never appealed to me. Moreover, I don’t like the weight and idea of something interpreting reality for me, so I will never buy one.

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However, I would buy an interface that projects out into the world and I can manipulate it with movement or voice. I would want AI that I could control and define its parameters. I would want a car that could drive but would disengage in an instant when I wanted to take manual control. I don’t like how cars will automatically correct things, and while it saves lives it also makes people feel less engaged in their driving. Why should they look in the mirrors if they have blind spot assistance? I have seen drivers who never look with that feature enabled. This isn’t making us more safe, it is making us less safe.

You have to account for human nature when you design technology. Otherwise, as Dr. Sam Becket said our next leap will be the leap to destruction.