Incompletely posted to LinkedIn drives website engagement huge leap

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What does that title mean? Simply this. The second recent failure of my posting to LinkedIn Plugin has increased the website visits by a huge leap. It is my second most popular page after my homepage.

There was another update to this plugin this morning that said it fixed a bug. Lately, this plugin had two bugs when it has been reliable in the past. However what it showed me is that if I want to increase my website engagement, I only need to post part of the post (excerpt) and people will go to the website to finish.

I just want to make this clear. I didn’t plan for either of these situations. What it does show me however is that by publishing the full post on LinkedIn you decrease your website visits. Why should they take an additional step and click on it if it is all here? Understandable, but website authors don’t get paid by LinkedIn to post here so it becomes more free content for LinkedIn. More importantly, how do original authors survive?

LinkedIn reached out to me in the past to contribute to an article that it wanted to write about leaders in their niches. I passed on that opportunity. I don’t want to write in a group setting. I have my own unique voice and a group will water that down and I probably won’t get credit for the knowledge and value that I bring to it.

Now in the recent AI training that I completed which was excellent, it talked about reasoning engines. I think that the danger is that content like this is only giving them fuel to approximate the human spirit. I won’t contribute to that kind of marginalization of talent. No classic book could have been written by a machine. The best ideas in history have been unique, and often counter to the prevailing wisdom.

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Speak with your voice. Others may not listen, but we need every unique point of view we can muster mister.