I predict large scale company migrations to Linux/Mac

Tumbleweed Open Suse
Tumbleweed Open Suse
tumbleweed open suse

I predict that in the next few years, we will see the biggest large-scale migrations to Linux/Mac we have ever seen.

Earlier I wrote about why users and management are concerned about the cost and complexity of Microsoft/Windows. I think many consulting companies will start saying to companies, “Listen you don’t need to upgrade to Windows 11 because Windows 10 will stop being supported. You can move to Linux and use the cloud, we can save you money and make you more efficient.”

Which is true. When you think about what you are trying to accomplish you can always find more efficient and cost-effective ways of doing things. Microsoft is making it more expensive each year to stick with Windows 10 and forcing people to go to 11. Yet users of Windows 11 almost universally hate it and feel constricted in how they work. This isn’t just the power users but average users. Windows 11 lost market share in the past few months and Windows 10 gained it. This is not a good sign moving forward.

Now many companies may not have the big bucks to lay out for Mac hardware. Or perhaps they can’t find people who are experienced with Mac and they feel understand their industry. Whatever the reason I think most companies will probably initially move to Apple if they have the money and Linux if they don’t. Then it’s just a matter of training the employees on small things that might be different. However, given Linux’s very clone-like UI available distros, the retraining will be minimal. I’d even go so far as to suggest that any money spent it training, will be paid back 3 fold in less help desk ticket calls from it not crashing or conflicting with other apps.

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This is also supported by evidence. I shared in an earlier article that the market for Linux is expected to grow in the next year commercially. See recent quick Linux market share growth. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2024/03/linux-continues-growing-market-share-reaches-4-of-desktops/ This is also interesting. https://www.zdnet.com/article/5-reasons-why-desktop-linux-is-finally-growing-in-popularity/

I have to be honest. I wasn’t a Linux fanboy in the past. It was fine for certain things but it wasn’t ready for prime time with the average user. With OpenSuse, I think it is ready for the average user, and probably has been for years.