Yeah you can use Cinnamon in OpenSuse

Opensuse 15.5 Screenshot
Opensuse 15.5 Screenshot
OpenSUSE 15.5 screenshot

But it’s a big one, it doesn’t work very well. I’d rather use a stable Plasma distro like OpenSuse that has better security. Disappointing that it had old security. It also had an older kernel.

I like having the newest software and updates to protect from hacks and scams. I don’t want to run an out-of-date system. That’s why the OpenSuse LEAP version doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer a rolling distro so that I can keep updated as it comes out.

There were three versions of Cinnamon that I could try. One that said experimental which was junk on my computer. The main one seemed to work the best but unfortunately, it didn’t seem to recognize my already configured Bluetooth headset. I need the headset so that I maintain a good relationship with my condo/neighbors so I had to sacrifice something. Perhaps I will look into that but honestly, I am not very motivated. Cinnamon seems to be less supported and for that reason alone I would sacrifice it in terms of stability. Security/Stability over a nice-looking UI.

One of the reasons in the past that I used Mac is that the UI was so beautiful compared to the trash that Windows was offering. Now they are looking the same to me. Windows has gotten better and Mac has gotten worse. Not the best situation but you can’t argue with reality. Apple dumbed down its icons and I don’t think that was a benefit to anyone. I liked the old icons where the kind of icon it was gave you a hint to what it did.

All of today I have been using OpenSuse and if it continues to have advantages then it is clear I will have to move to it. Right now both the way it handles the multiple displays and security is better than Linux Mint. With the newer kernel, it means it will recognize more kinds of newer hardware. I like the installer which helps you understand easily where you are in the process of installation. It makes sense and is intuitive.

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What don’t I like about it? Well if I like it I am not excited about resetting up my other laptop to match it. Still, that is a very small thing, and worth it to have better security and stability.