Kindness lasts forever

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I have experienced few kind people in my life. It is sad that more people aren’t kind. However, the people who have been kind to me I cherish and remember each one.

One of the jobs that I had in the past was as a reporter. I got to learn many interesting things by doing that. One of the stories that I wrote was about a businessperson who played a role in a local event that happened. I wrote the story and didn’t think much of it.

It turns out that he was friends with my parent and he asked my parent if it was ok to take me snowmobiling with his snowmobile club. I was probably 20ish and since I had never done that, it seemed like it might be fun. He picked me up and I went snowmobiling and had a good time. I didn’t like how noisy the snowmobile was but it was pretty easy to get used to after having a four-wheeler/ATV.

Another time I was with a friend and I went to an event that had a small cover charge. I thought I had enough money to pay for it in the car money clip, but apparently, I didn’t. I explained to the person that I miscounted my money and said thanks for being patient but I can’t afford the entrance fee and was preparing to mentally turn the car around. He said that he could give me a gift of free entrance and I and my friend were thrilled. I remember his kindness as well.

As a kid, I had a neighbor who owned a mechanics shop. He had a soda machine and he asked if I wanted a soda from it. I said sure but I don’t have a quarter and thanks anyway. He got the key and gave me a free soda. I was always so grateful for his kindness. It was a hot day and that orange soda probably tasted the best a soda has ever tasted to me.

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It isn’t the cost of the gift, it is the largess of the giver that makes kindness so wonderful.