Solved the unique screen corruption at startup

My Opensuse Desktop
My Opensuse Desktop
My OpenSuse Desktop

I said in my last post that I had a unique issue because I was sharing the HDMI out to a projector and the MSI computer I was using had two video cards, one of them was a proprietary NVIDIA card.

Just for chuckles, I set the screen display resolution to match that of the projector. I lowered it to 1900×1080 and restarted the computer. It worked perfectly. So it seems that the OpenSuse display manager may have a bug when two outputs are available that have different resolutions. Reasonable and setting to the same resolution is an acceptable workaround for me.

In my last post, I said that my intuition said that I wouldn’t need to spend an hour to fix this problem like I did with Linux Mint. The first thing I tried worked. I couldn’t be more surprised and thrilled. Superior display and output options are compelling options for me. I just had a funny thought. Wouldn’t it be funny if I started to like OpenSuse so much that I started running Linux Mint in a VM?

The MSI click bios boot manager had no problem seeing this new OS and correctly labeling it. It said that Linux Mint was Ubuntu which is right and wrong. It is based on that, but it is not that. It doesn’t matter to me that a third-party boot manager misunderstood something. I also like the boot process of OpenSuse. It’s kind of beautiful how they have a stylized lightbulb.

I did the updates and when I clicked on something in the settings panel it said it crashed due to the updates. So that is one crash for this and one for Linux Mint. It didn’t crash per se the Software update manager, just didn’t update it properly until I restarted. These are both very minor issues, but just being completely honest. I don’t get any benefit from saying anything here.

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The default wallpaper was kind of boring so I just switched it. It shows a beautiful scene in France. Neat. The shortcut keys that I learned in Linux Mint work for the screen capture. I will upload it to this post so you can see my desktop. It took a snapshot of both desktops. How interesting.

Oh, I disabled the virtual workspaces. I don’t like that and I don’t need multiple workspaces. Two is fine and when you are drowning in laptops you don’t need more desktops. It is nice they added it however in case people do find that useful.

This is enough for now. I want to try playing a game and see if it crashes or works better than Linux Mint. If they have NVIDIA graphic support built in, this could be a superior gaming platform.