It is too easy to overdo things

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I love Civilization but one of the downsides is that it makes it too easy to overdo things.

Why am I saying this? This morning I realized I have been overdoing drinking water. I used to have headaches and my doctor suggested drinking more water years ago. That helped so I guess I just continued to drink too much water.

The reason I realize this is that I was reading about the signs of overdrinking water and it said to let thirst guide you. I asked myself when was the last time I felt thirsty. I couldn’t remember. Yes, I used to be part of the overhydration club!

I had a teacher say that she thought that one of the reasons that people were gaining weight is the lack of variety in their diet. That made a big impression on me. I always have tried to have a varied diet but some things are just tempting to eat over and over. Still, I force myself to eat different things and I feel better since doing it.

In the pre-civilization days, our biggest danger was being attacked by an animal. Now our biggest danger is being attacked by dangerous ideas. One of the most dangerous I have seen is the idea that you can do anything you want and not have to suffer consequences.

Life is about being flexible in every dimension of our lives. Not just in what we eat, but also in what we think, wear, and do. No one size fits all for people. There are times to give and take and being rigid in your thinking affects your well-being.

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Look at what you do during the day and ask yourself, do I need to be this intense about it or can I lighten up a little? I laughed yesterday when I troubleshooted too much to solve a problem. I was so focused on finding the cause of that problem I didn’t ask myself if it was a one-off or a sign of a deeper issue. Often in life sometimes not acting is the wisest solution.